A Look Inside...

30 Day Trans* Challenge

Day 16: What’s your rock anthem when you need to cheer up and why?

I don’t have ONE.. I have a list of them…. Consists of most songs from the albums Swan Songs by Hollywood Undead, You Cant Spell Slaughter Without Laughter by I Set My Friends On Fire, and The Drug in Me is You by Falling in Reverse.  The others on the list are random songs like “Schizophrenia" by BrokeNCYDE, "Song Of Storms" - Legend of Zelda, both original and the Dubstep Remix… I think the dubstep remix may cheer me up a bit more at times though.  "Soda Cans" by Ryan Cassata, "Hands Of Hate" by Ryan Cassata, and two more that I can think of (I have to visit YouTube for these) “Dear Diary, We Don’t Like You" and "Never Date A Freshman" by (you guessed it) Ryan Cassata.  

I have a lot of songs I use to cheer myself up because sometimes its hard to do so… and well, I love music, so why not? ♥